Win Your Next Offer with our 10-Day Close!

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So, you’re about to go house shopping and you’ve got a stellar realtor who’s going to find the perfect home for you. Great!

But, do you have a financing strategy to help you win that home? Let us help you seal the deal by making our 10-Day Close part of your offer strategy!

Buying in a Seller’s Market

Before we jump in to breaking down how the 10-Day Close can be part of your offer strategy, lets address the reality of the situation out there right now… It’s nuts! It’s an insanely tough market right now with super tight inventory and multiple offers on every home.

In this kind of market, you can’t be white noise. Your offer has to stand out to even get considered. So, if you’re not down to buy in cash, get in a price war, or waive every contract contingency, what do you do? You put in a 10-day closing offer!

Are You 10-Day Ready?

Give yourself a better chance to win by making the 10-day part of your offer strategy!

Who can use it?

  • Income Type – W-2 Borrowers
  • Occupancy Type –  Primary Residences
  • Property Types –  SFR/Townhomes (no condos)
  • Loan Programs –  Conventional & FHA

When to use it?

  • Multiple Offer Situation –  Beat the competition with a quick close!
  • Aggressive Offer Price –  Treat it like cash & negotiate a better deal!
  • More Time –  Under contract on a departure residence? Now you have more time to find the next home!
  • Back-Up Offer –  Miss out on that dream house? Put in a back-up offer & get a second chance!
  • Financing Fail –  Hit a snag with another lender? 10-Day your way out of a jam!


If you have any questions after watching the video or checking out the flyer, don’t hesitate to reach out!  We’re always here for you.

*Learn more about 10-day closings here and bridge loans here.