What Makes Lenders Different?

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We know you have many choices for your mortgage needs; thanks for considering us! You may be wondering just what makes us different, though…

In the world of lending, there are three main players: Banks, Brokers, and Lenders (Us!). And while the end goal of all three is to help you obtain financing for your home, your experience can vary widely between each.

Bank vs. Broker vs. Lender

It really all comes down to control of the loan process and number of loan options.

  • Bank – While a bank can handle the entire loan process for you, the process can be slow and your options limited.
  • Broker – A broker can shop around and find great loan options for you, but they have no control of the majority of the loan process.
  • Lender (Us!) – With in-house operations, delegated underwriting authority, and access to nearly 1,000 loan programs and dozens of investors, you get a quick process, more control, and better options!

The Benefits of Working with Us!

Here’s a quick video we made that further explains why we’re different and addresses the two main reasons working with us may be the best fit:

  • Our Total Control of the Loan Process
  • Our Access to More Loan Options

We also created this flyer that further breaks down the benefits of working with us, including:

  • Speed –  We can close loans in just 10 days!*
  • Leverage –  We can help clients buy before they sell!*
  • Confidence –  Win multi-offer situations with us!
  • Flexibility –  We have nearly 1,000 loan options!
  • Price –  We let our clients choose their rate!
  • Creativity –  We can get hard deals done!

Not to mention our industry-leading technology (like our simpl application) that’s made the home-financing process more simple than ever.


If you have any questions after watching the video or checking out the flyer, don’t hesitate to reach out!  We’re always here for you.

*Learn more about 10-day closings here and bridge loans here.